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Short Kai Gunto Mei


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This is what appears to be a very late war (short) Kai Gunto. It was displayed on an antique store wall for many years until I was able to purchase it recently as the store decided to close shop.


The sword is very light weight with a nagasa of 22". One hanger, and without the rising sun o-seppa.


I believe the Mei is possibly "Kiyonobu", but by no means am I certain. Please let me know if this translation is correct.


Thanks Much,


Dave M.




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I think its Kiyomichi (清道). I think the sword on the site that Jussi pointed to is misidentified, and that one is also Kiyomichi.

Check out a similar signature here. 




I'm looking for more examples because I'd like one or two more before I close the door on this. There is an auction site that lists a Kiyomichi with the same signature




but I'd like to find a site other than an auction site.

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Thank you Steve,


This was what I was having a problem with initially. The characters were a bit confusing to me, and the black paint didn't help matters.


I think you're correct though, "Kiyomichi".


Again, Thank you and Jussi also,


Dave M.

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17 hours ago, Bruce Pennington said:

@dwmc  Does this nakago have numbers stamped at the end, probably on the other side?


Hi Bruce,


No numbers stamped on nakago. Only what can be seen in the pictures above,  Kiyomichi, anchor stamp, and what appear to be black painted numbers.

Nothing on the other side!


Dave M.

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