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12 Swords up For Sale


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Collectors--St. Croix Blades has 12 swords listed for sale up on eBay currently.  They run the gamut--from Buy It Now listings to Auction listings, from Showato to gendai, from fully polished to as-is.  Take a look to see if there is anything you might be interested in.  


Here is the link:






Those of you who don't have an eBay account--or who want a lower price (I'll subtract the fees from the listed price), contact me for a direct sale.


Thank you!





Matthew Brice





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Hello Geraint.  Perhaps if you aren't logged into your eBay account--and you are just browsing eBay.com (.com as Brian suggested), you will be able to see the listings as a guest.?  


You might also take a look at my sword listings on my website www.stcroixblades.com.  I don't have as many listed there, but there are some.  


Thanks Geraint!





--Matt Brice


St. Croix Blades


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Try this guys, this is all his items: https://www.ebay.com/sch/stcroixblades/m.html
Then click the filter on the left for Japanese blades. If you don't see them all, then either eBay is filtering you and deciding what you can see, or your country/ISP is.
You can then try the link through https://hide.me/en/proxyand choose USA or other countries to see if your country is being filtered.
Opera has a free built in VPN now I think.

Btw Matthew, you seem to deal in exactly the type of edged weapons I collect. My collection shares the same brands that you deal in.

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