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Obscure and Unique Menuki and Handle ornaments.


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I am relatively new to this platform, please forgive me if I do something wrong


I have questions about a few different things, but I don't think they deserve their own topic seperately.




Here are my questions:


What are sheath menuki called? menuki and other unsusual hardware on sheaths is mostly something i see on emishi, ainu and mainland asian swords. On google images I've seen two shoto, and one daito, with what looks like a normal sized menuki on the sheath. On emishi swords, menuki on the handle and saya are very big ususally. Im bot referring to a larger kojiri or kaeri tsuno, it is usually placed in between them on the saya (I dont know if there is only one on the omote usually or if it is on both sides)


I also see a lot of rings on emishi swords. Like one you might see on a jokoto era swords and old tachi from both Japan and Korea, to attach a tenuki tassel to. But instead of just one, several of them in a row. This brings me to my last questions 


On old tachi, especially those without ito or with a stingray only wrap, one might see several small ornaments in a row, not centered.



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Dear Darius.


First of all please add your name to your posts on NMB as we all do.  I cannot comment on the question regarding Emishi koshirae but the fittings you describe on tachi tsuka are called tawara byo, usually described as rivets in the shape of rice bails.  They would not be fitted to a tsuka which was wrapped but are common in unwrapped style. The menuki like ornaments on saya are saya kanagu and are only ever fitted to the outward side of the saya as worn.


Looking forward to someone answering the last of the three questions.


All the best.

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What is a Kanagu exactly?, Google images pulls of a type of hardware between a kurikata amd kojiri, which I have seen before on taisho era sword. Sagurigane seems to be what pulls up pictures of what I'm describing after reading the other posts

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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