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Help with appendage


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On a small percentage of '98 tsuba, there is an appendage that is a small loop of brass, that is always in the same place. I doubt it has anything to do with a locking mechanism as all the swords have a lock of some kind. The examples here have a push button lock, the other an Iida  lock. 

Can anyone help with identification? 




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John, That would be my thought too. A guy I know in the army told me the primary use of tassels wasn’t rank at the beginning, but to replace the loop of cavalry swords so that within a charge, the sword could not only stay within the hand and wasn’t twisted backwards by the momentum. So that could be it.


As for the crown section not going through, I’m sure there are ways to tie the tassel without the crown needing to go through this.

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Since we're all speculating wildly, what would it look like if the bracket were used to hook up tight on the sword belt, buypassing the usual cord?


Another idea - since, as JP pointed out, the "tassel" was originally a lanyard to be snugged around one's writs (that's what the slider was for), maybe this loop would bring the wrist-end of the lanyard down tight, closer to the tsuba when installed over the owner's hand.  Neil, if you plan to install a tassel through it, fold the end back toward the grip after installed, and see if the hand would fit in nicely.

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G'day Guys,

You sometimes see a similar feature on British cavalry swords. It is generally considered to be an alternative attachment point for the sword knot, which was wrapped around the wrist to prevent the sword from being lost in combat. Normally the sword knot was attached at the top of the knucklebow, but some swords have this alternate attachment point. Here are a couple of examples circa 1800 and 1854.





Sword Knot slit.jpg

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