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Looking for examples of late war NCO swords


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Sorry Bruce, no truthful story in that really.... I can still give a 'high five' (with each hand 😊).


Your words "and you can feel, as you slide an oiling cloth or paper towel along the blade" very much reminded me of what goes through my head every time I carry out that manoeuvre when cleaning/oiling my sharper blades. A clean swipe from habaki to kissaki has that sobering effect on me. 


Many years ago when I first developed an interest WW2 swords (c2018 😂) I remember reading an article wherein the author said something along the lines of ...'if your intending to collect Japanese swords then at some point they will cut you'.  Too true in my case and in fact have done that twice.  Not serious in any respect and definitely not due to tomfoolery or inebriation but simple over familiarity (is that the same as neglect?).


Something strangly spiritual about being cut by a Teruhide or is it simply the result of a lack of concentration?


But thanks for your concern although the actual loss of 4 digits would have made for a much grander Teruhide encounter.


All the best 



PS ....Maybe a new thread could be started, reading something along the lines of a butchers sandwich board...... "Best Cuts this Week" 😂



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