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Zombie Tsuba - reloaded


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I got the tsuba yesterday. It was full of dirt and mud. 


After cleaning with a toothbrush and a mild soap, i think the tsuba was firedamaged.


I see some soft metals on the iron. Cooper and some flakes of gold. The cooper is maybe shakudo, you see it inside the mimi shining black. The hole tsuba was gilded with softmetals.


The rust is not a problem. The overall condition is "not bad" as the first pictures tell (It did not fell into pieces) but the damage is not from rust in my opinion.


About the piece i would say Edo period not older.


Interesting piece (I tested it with a Dosimeter, and a magnet)  :)  - no fukushima discovered object.


Measurements are: 7,0 cm x 0,5 cm (Wakizashi size)



(Now)                                                  (Before)



The tsuba had some dark aesthetics now. A little bit more than wabi sabi  :laughing: - a Zombie Tsuba  as Pietro notice...

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Someone told me why i spent my time with this stainless lump. 




Because I enjoy it and I can learn a lot about the preservation of old metal. I wonder why everything always makes sense?


I enjoy it as it is. 


For me it looks nice.  :)

Has it a value? It cost me two crates of beer and brings me a lot of amusement. A lot of value  :glee:

What more do you want?

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