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Sat Wak: Late Koto? 51 cm

Jon MB

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The problem is tha the lens has quite some distortion, so identifying the center of curvature is difficult if sword is photographed from a side. The only solution I would see is to place the camera right above the blade and right in the middle of it. Otherwise prominent fumbari in waki size usually points closer to kambun, but its hard to guess by such pictures alone.


Kirill R.

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I think at one time this was a fine wakizashi, and had the condition been maintained it would still be a charming, if not terribly valuable piece. I would think it is younger than koto. But the current condition requires a very thorough polish, which would restore it to its condition of being a nice, suriage mumei wakizashi.


Is there an Inoue Shinkai-quality wakizashi lurking under the scratches and the rust spots? I don't think so. It looks interesting, but the scratches are extensive, the kissaki looks troublesome (is that a vertical crack near the tip?), and fixing these various issues wouldn't be worth the expense, and might reveal some other problems. 

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