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Is this genuine

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Hi Everyone

As a long time collector and visitor I would appreciate a little help


I bought this earlier this year at Birmingham Arms Fair (UK) also a small hand cannon which I will post separately

I can spot a fake sword but did not really look close enough at this before I bought it


Is it genuine or a more recent copy












Comments welcome and many thanks


Tony (TH)

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Tony, let me put you at ease! You bought a genuine matchlock and a quite interesting one. We like to call these matchlocks ”cavalry-matchlock” because of it’s shorter size compared to the standard size. I’ve always had my doubts that matchlocks could be used from a horseback as it requires the use of both hands, but that’s another story :)

From the looks of it, I think that this carbine might have some age to it.

In good condition with only the ramrod and the rainprotector situated over the pan, missing.

Looks to have two mekugi-pins which would render the extra brass-band obsolete.

What caliber does it have (in cm)? Would be great if you could remove the barrel and look for a signature.

Again, congrats to your first matchlock. You sure did better than me :)



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As above, a matchlock with age to it.


A couple of reservations, however. The stock looks to have been through the wars and is a little bit worse for wear. Without a close photo of that area it is hard to say more.

When you look for the signature under the barrel, check to see if all the mekugi holes line up internally through the barrel loops and externally through the stock. Sometimes they don't, which may indicate a barrel and a stock have been brought together at a later date.


The 'mon' on the top of the barrel is probably better ignored. Someone has likely added it for decorative effect. The balance is wrong, and the word 禁 kin means forbidden or prohibited, indicating someone might have copied a Kanji at random from somewhere without considering its meaning, surely totally inappropriate here.

(I am always willing to learn, if someone can find a family name 禁 Kin, etc!)

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Many thanks for your information gentlemen, it has certainly put my mind at rest


Piers - you are partially correct, the  rear mekugi loop is missing and the front only just lines up, the barrel band was the only thing holding the barrel on

However, there are no other holes or signs of filled ones to suggest another stock?? I managed to clear the front loop and get a thin mekugi in to hold it together better (the rear one lines up with the missing loop)


Jan - the bore is 13.5mm +/- 0.1mm, see pic










underneath barrel - date?




Bore is 13.5mm, pitted inside


Many thanks again for your information





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I gave it a try. Not finished yet, but here is what I have so far:




Will have a second look this afternoon.....

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I have no experience with teppo-mei, but I think I see some numbers there.

like 8 , 5  of the base flat.


mebbe something like " 50 somethings" right below the ignition pan


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Part of me also.... :dunno:

All I additionally get is (perhaps) a radical from the forth kanji “金”?! 
And it seemed so easy at first glance......

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