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Tsukamoto Sword Museum - Sakura

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Hi guys,


Just off the press, so to speak.


Anyone in Japan at the moment for DTI, would do no better than stopping off at Sakura, which is on the Keisei line to Narita Airport.


I have visited Sakura three times previously, to visit the Rekihaku museum and its small gun collection.


This time, the Reticular Actvation Center of this addled brain was online and I spied an ad for the Tsukamoto Sword Museum just behind Sakura Museum of Art.


Straight up from Keisei Sakura Eki and a double dog - leg at the top of the rise, by the Catholic Church found a lane with a long wall, whitewashed in the morning sun.


At the end, three surly schoolgirls bunking off school, were surprised that their little haven had been broached, and disappeared in a giggling mist of AKB48.


Peace now restored, I discovered the bronze cast signs stating “ Tsukamoto Bijutsu Hakubutsukan “.


A short sharp walk brought me into the courtyard / parking space enough for two cars and the portico of this unassumingly stylish building, which was painted in bright white.


Above the portico, I spotted the clue to its ownership in the form of a ceramic Kamon, depicting Maru Ni Mitsu Kashiwa.


I noticed two pairs of shoes, toes pointing outwards on the double step Genkan.


Two pairs became three and I was greeted by the curator who gave me some slip on sandals.


He noticed my camera and grinned, Shashin OK!! He added, no charge entry....(my kind of guy!!!)


I was given a brush pen and signed in.


There he left me to ascend the staircase to the gallery, which contained some 20 blades and Koshirae, from the permanent collection of over 400 items, along with a display of the stages of making a Sword, similar to the one at the NBTHK.


I spent an hour closely examining the display, which included some big names including Hizen no kami Tadayoshi and Inoue Shinkai.


In summary, well worth the visit.


I will update this with some snaps, when I am back in Blighty.


Nihonshu calls........????????

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The Tsukamoto Sword Museum was set up by businessman Tsukamoto Sozan in 1965.


It was originally situated in Ginza area of Tokyo, and known as “Japanese Sword Art Museum”. (Nihon To-Ken Bijutsu Hakubutsukan)


It later moved to Chiba City, where it was known by its current name of “Tsukamoto Art Museum” (Tsukamoto Bijutsu Hakubutsukan).


In 1983, it moved to its current location in Sakura (Tsukamoto Sozan’s Hometown), and became an Incorporated Foundation.

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Just editing the snaps and, the current signs read as: Tsukamoto Bijutsu Kan.


My bad.


Today is Culture Day (in lieu).


So, off to the 59th floor of the Mori Tower in Roppongi and the Basquiat exhibition, amongst other things more Nihonto related.????

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Hi Hamfish,


It is truly a treasure.


The curator was "old school".... in the best way.


If you are in doubt how to find it, just go straight to the tourist office which is by the station entrance and get their guide to Sakura, the museum is clearly marked.

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