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Rai kunitoshi or gimei?

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it does very certainly not look like a Rai Kunitoshi here....


maybe some good old pictures shall help ?   there are hundreds on Rai and Rai Kunitoshi existing in international and especially on Japanese sites!


a real Rai Kunitoshi is somehow equivalent to the big M... so far....





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BTW, the sword appears to be extremely tired and flawed. I see what appears to be tsukare-utsuri, shinae, coarse hada and the blade is crudely formed in the habaki-moto area. If this is one you are considering, I would recommend against buying it.


For comparison, this is one of the best extant Rai Kunitoshi tanto.



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Yuradneprov please sign all posts so we can address you politely.

There are sellers on ebay that sell some decent items but I dont know of any (apart from members here ofcourse) that only sell good stuff on ebay. It takes patience, study and luck to find the good stuff especially at decent prices.

Best place to start is in the sales section here imho.



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Yura, in your profile, you can change your display name, even though your login name will stay the same. I suggest you add a space between your first name and your last name so that we know how to address you. Will just make it easier for those of us not familiar with naming convention. Thanks.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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