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Help with blade, tassel and fittings


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I wasn’t sure if this was the place to post this or the military section so moderator please move if necessary. I am looking for help of a recent purchase, the blade is Mumei and seems very heavy. The tassel is a brown/ tan-cream color ( Manchuria railroad ? ). It is mounted in military mounts, the scabbard being the early gloss paint but the interesting part is that all the fittings including the pierced Tsuba and menuki are a brown color. I have included a lot of pictures ( maybe too many ). I would like to thank everyone in advance for their help and time.

Mike R

Sword: Nagasaki- 26 3/8”

Nakago- 8 7/8”

Sori- 1/2”

Width- 1 1/8”

Thick- 5/16”













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Hi Michael, nice early Koshirae, I think it's a Type 94 or early Type 98. There is an almost identical Koshirae here: http://www.nipponto.co.jp/swords5/KT331491.htm


The tassel is very rare if it's cream and brown but remember the early tassels were notorious for not being colourfast so the dye would bleed out in rain. Check under the little slider above the crowns to see if any original colour remains.

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This is an interesting gunto. The tassel is of the North China Railway Police (taken over and run by South Manchurian Railway), but the fittings don't have the railway emblem. Ohmura discusses it in length here: http://ohmura-study.net/308.html


He does state that many of the officers were actual army, which would explain the standard IJA fittings but I doubt an officer would carry a tan/brown tassel. It had to have been someone associated with the railway police though.


And this would be a good discussion over on the Military Swords forum.

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Oh wow! That's really nice!  I've seen a lot of gunto like that, with the painted numbers ( 四 九) on the blade, and western numbers (4 9) on the koshirae.


Nice hamon on the blade. Good Boshi and Yokote as well. Is it probably oil tempered, or water?  I don't really see any grain in the blade so I guess arsenal forged?

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