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Looking for Translation help on an interesting Matchlock carbine

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I'm looking for help in translating the signature on an interesting matchlock I will have up for sale soon.  


The signature is a little hard to make out as you will see, but I did take photos from different angles and with different lighting to try to get a translator enough to see.  



By the way, this matchlock carbine has a feature I find intriguing.  The barrel features a fluer-de-lis.  The French sent 15 military advisors to Japan to teach the Satsuma samurai Western methods of warfare.  



Any help in translating the maker's signature would be appreciated.


Thank you.




--Matthew Brice















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Hard to read!

First is indeed “上”. But second seemingly don’t correspond with a province. So maybe a another name?

There are also two small kanji down left Piers “冶小”???

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