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Straight Outta Gunto: Sat Special (or not)

Jon MB

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Hello All,


This blade was in gunto mounts, remains of gold wash on copper habaki, silver foil layer over that.


Nagasa: 24.4"


Overall: 30.5"


Nagasa looks to have originally been at least 28".



Are we looking at Kanbun? i.e. relatively little sori.


Or if it was considerably longer previously, is the original sori harder to visualise?


Many thanks in advance for any advice, I will look to take better pics, this is a query to steer my research direction.


My initial impression is that this may be Koto, and is of good quality, but I don't trust my opinions yet, and cannot really justify them.



Warm regards,


Jon B, no sloop








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Dont think it is kanbun and agree that it looks older.

Be careful trying to assess colour in isolation, there are too many external factors that influence what you are seeing. The only way I have found it possible to attempt to gauge steel colour is by comparing it to another blade alongside.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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