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So packing ready to go...... 100 fittings and 3 or my best swords I have had so my tables will be over the top !!! come see me and say hi !!!! maybe something that you will like !

I hope to see EVERYONE on the site at the show buy your airline tickets and come to the show it will be a great show !!!!!!


Fred Geyer   

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There was a mini concert outside the show this year. This was as close as it came to the rap battle. Fred W. did a great job putting on the show as usual. Got to see some amazing swords and tsuba. Picked up some very nice goodies and left with no money.

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great show moved a lot..... got to play with a MONSTER set of fittings not for sale but just outstanding work !!!


wonderful to see all the old friends have a beverage or two with them HUGE bottle of Camyus came in ......thanks to Joe !


NO Battle just a hand shake so done with that


Thanks to Fred for another great show  



Fred Geyer   

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Thanks again to Fred Weissberg, the NORCAL club, and the NBTHK-AB for another great SF show. A little smaller than prior years (as predicted by some here) but very lively. Many lovely things on display with pricetags, including 8 or 10 Juyos and 2 fabulous TokuJus -- and that's just the blades. Big-ticket and low-end items seemed to be moving well, mid-range pieces less so. Special treats were a lecture by Ted Tenold on the history and nature of polishing stones, and the now-becoming-traditional Saturday evening Kanikapila, this year organized by Mas Kawai and featuring Bobby Moderow, ably assisted by Wally Morishige and Yvette Nii. It may be true that the internet is causing shows in general to decline, but this one is still alive and kicking, and great fun.


A few photos (hope it's not too many).













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