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Advice for new koshirae in France / Europe


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Hello all,


I have a wakizashi whose koshirae ideally would need to be replaced. The sword is not a high-end one so I don't want to spend (much) more on the koshirae than on the sword.


I was wondering if you could point me to trustworthy people in France or Europe who could be commissioned for creating a new koshirae.


Thanks very much for you insights.


Edit: Just realized I probably posted in the wrong forum, admins, please feel free to move to the correct one.

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Hi Steven, yes that would be another option although I'm not sure that would be my first preference as I really like the tsuka, F/K and tsuba attached to the wakizashi. I would feel that having it shirasaya'ed would be a step in the "wrong" direction.


Obviously it all depends on the costs involved, at the moment I have no figure yet to decide.

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Since you will have the expense of a Koiguchi, Kurigata, and Kojiri(?), repairing the original Saya makes little sense.  As you can't know how stable the seemingly undamaged areas of lacquer are....why pay to have something "fixed" that has a good possibility of giving you trouble down the road.  If the Saya had some special artistic merit, elaborate decoration for instance, the risk would be one worth taking.  Since said Saya is easily reproduced by a skilled professional, going out on a limb to "save" it is unwarranted.



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Sebastien / Steven, 


Mike explained that he could try to save the original saya unless it's damaged beyond repair (which doesn't seem to be the case) or doesn't fit the blade (something frequent apparently). 


But the cost difference between repairing vs getting a new saya is only 100 GBP (less than I expected for this kind of work) so my preference would really go towards having a new one. I'll also have to pay for the koiguchi, kurigata and kojiri (as you noticed, Steven).

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