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Jon MB

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  • 7 months later...

Many thanks in advance for any comments. Ray was already extremely helpful.


I am fond of this piece, but may pass it on as I have other purchases to cover, thus the question regarding approx value. Sue Bizen is not my strongest area..


Warm Regards,


Jon B

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I was asking for a rough idea on value as Sue Bizen seem to vary widely. Apologies on un-centralised picture posting.


...Maybe my question re value is a bit out of place. If so, I could ask if  this item look to have any notable qualities that elevate it beyond kazu uchimono?


Many thanks.

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I think you'd need a new polish in order for this sword's charms to make themselves apparent. On the positive side, it looks to be in good condition, ubu, and it has what looks like a nice hamon. I'm curious as to the length; the sword itself looks like it has katana-length, but when its next to the saya it looks shorter, and the saya looks like a wakizashi saya. 


On the negative side, its scratched up, its got a couple of (minor) hakobore, and it needs authentication. If its a wakizashi, I'll also include that on the negative side of the ledger - with reservations. The saya is, unfortunately, a write-off, but nothing to lose any sleep over, and it should be considered separately from the sword. 

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Yes - the usual refrain. If you are looking at the finances of this, I would sell it (or keep for yourself and enjoy it) as is.   


I don't know much about Katsumitsu (or, I should say the many Katsumitsu smiths). I wouldn't write the blade off as kazu-uchimono, but from what I see here; an out of polish, unauthenticated wakizashi, in distressed mounts...it feels like it would be a stretch to make a profit from a restoration project of this sword. 

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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