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Help deciphering NBTHK paper

Jason N

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Hello, newbie here.


I just took ownership of a papered Wakizashi. I have no previous experience with NBTHK papers, but from what I can read, I think I can read "Ninteisho" and "Item, Wakizashi, Hiromitsu"


I can make very little sense of anything else, dates, rank, additional information, etc. I know where to look on the paper to find this information, I just can't read it. I believe the envelope is dated 2012 (other side from pic). I can upload better quality pics or scans, but I have attached what I have from the photos I took immediately after unboxing.






Any help would be appreciated.



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It is not a NBTHK paper but a paper issued by Toen-sha that was fronted by Murakami Kosuke.


The mei for the Wakizashi is Harumitsu 春光 and the attribution is to Mito (水戸). The date in paper is Shōwa 51 which is 1976.


Thanks Jussi, that is very helpful.


I know you couldn't say without seeing the blade, but do you think it would be worthwhile to submit to Shinsa (assuming it would pass)? I see Hozon papered Nihonto on Aoi and other sites that don't seem to sell for much more than blades without papers. I'm in the U.S., so I would have a considerable expense to send it through an agent to Japan. I'm thinking no... That said, on the plus side, I have another box to tick on my next purchase. ;)

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