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Opinions On A Possible Shigeyuki Please.


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Hey all!


I have a very lovely wakizashi here that is supposedly signed by 'Taira Shigeyuki,' I'd like to hear any specificities on it that you guys might know, especially age/era. I'd love opinions on it and perhaps a general sense of rarity/value here. I do not plan to sell it, but seeing as its so very nice looking, I was considering doing more than just having a shirasaya made for it. Some information on this blade:


Nagasa: 53.4cm  Sori: 1.5cm


It also has a very lovely (what appears to be) Shakudo-plated habaki with a chrysanthemum or sunburst motif to it.


Looking forward to your guys' opinions!
















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Hi Chris,


Welcome to the Board.  You will find it a place of common interests and much camaraderie.  I see you have been a member for 6 months and so I guess researching Japanese swords is somewhat new to you??  I always start with google for a name such as TAIRA SHIGEYUKI.  Not much there, but a surprise popped up from the Board in February 2014.  I'm sure you will find it very interesting reading and it may prompt up-to-date information from the writers of that thread:




FWIW I think your lovely habaki is gold foil over copper and a VERY nice piece of work.  To me good habaki generally indicate a better sword, or at least one that was prized by its owner of the time.




(Couple of quick edits)

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Nice to finally hear from you! I am relatively new to nihonto, but I am not particularly new to swords themselves. I've got a decently sized collection of American/European blades and about a year ago, I felt comfortable enough to branch out into Japanese blades. I really admire the craftsmanship that goes into each blade and I find the history of the smith school lines to be pretty fascinating. I read over the information you found (I found nothing thanks to Google) and this is definitely some good information to have! Its interesting to see how little is known, but I am sure that is not too unusual. The quality of the blade is EXTREMELY nice and every bit as nice as my Sukesada wakizashi.


One of the main reasons I got the blade was the very high quality habaki, that is one of the first things that made me think it was indeed high quality. Its very affirming to see another board member say so.


Thanks a lot Bazza!



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