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Luc T

The Jas Yearbook 2019 Now Available For Non Jas-Members.

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Our 2019 Yearbook received  very good critics from our members, who got it for free as a reward for their loyal membership.

Also this year, there are some very interesting and even indispensable articles for the serious armor collector.


*Robert Burawoy:  Ichiro  and Ryotaro Fukutake, "the encouter with a contemporary armourer"

*Jan Petterson: "the Yonezawa  Matchlock"

*Takemura Masao:  "Momonari kabuto; their Cronology and local characteristics".

… and more information about the Katchu-world.


We still have some spare copies, so we are offering them now to non JAS members for the price of 50€ plus shipping 5€


please mail us to order: Jas@Japanese-armor.org





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our third Japanese Armor Society's Yearbook, now under the name KATCHU.

96 pages full of Japanese armor  news, articles by the world's leading experts, and our activities.


pm me for more information.


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Our new yearbook ‘Katchū’ will be launched early january:
The articles:

Robert Burawoy               The case of the upside down mon
Martyna Lesniewska       The Nagasone school of armour making
Paul Vandermaelen         Osaka Castle
Guy de la Rupelle            A study of maedate
Jesper Paasch                  A harikaki kawari kabuto
Jo Anseeuw                       Interview with master armor maker Nishioka Fumio
Takemura Masao             Date Masamune and armor- with a focus on Yukishita-do


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