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New Tanto

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Hello Everyone,


Here is a quick preview photo I did of a new NTHK papered tanto I picked out late last year on a trade with a local friend.  It is unsigned suriage nakago but attributed to be the work of Uda Kunimune circa the late Muromachi Period (sue-koto) by the NTHK.  While the tanto is in a art polish it was still very difficult to photograph and I now currently in the process of redoing my whole lighting setup that I will use just for Nihonto.  My goal is to produce photos 1/4 as good as Darcy's.  Here is his website (https://yuhindo.com/) for reference of what level I am talking about.  This will likely result in multiple orders from BH Photo (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/) and me paying with the new lights and my DSL camera tripod.  Enjoy and feel free to comment about the sword or how to produce better photos but keep the discussion civil and polite like a Japanese sword club meeting.             



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Hi David,


Nice looking blade!  As for how to take better photos,  your on the right track in dealing with B&H.  I've always found them knowledgeable and obliging, discuss what your trying to achieve and they will help you make the best choice....not the most expensive one.  Rarely do you find merchants, these days, that put your needs before profit.


Best of luck,


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Made some progress with a new lighting and setup.  Here are some maco views of the kissaki (boshi) and ji-hada for your enjoyment.  The NTHK paper describes the ji-hada as itame mixed with masame and the boshi as sugu with a ko-maru kaeri.





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