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Tamahagane And Space


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BBC reported the TAMAHAGANE processing quite wrongly, but they are probably more interested in other aspects. Technically, that is not very special.

As they wrote:

Is such a metal really the best material for the job? McKinnon is unsure, but she does point out that the emotional appeal of such a culturally significant metal is not to be ignored....


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good late night read, thanks.

it´s often like this to day, we are living in a very "unique" time period.

It is the medieval of technic,... also the term medival has this kind of irony in it, when used in other contexts than just as time period.

Trying to fly outa space but not able to use information that is relatively easy to get.

But as funny this tamahagane claim is, I got the feeling there is some other reason behind mentioning it.

Somthing like the tank and barrel storry, that would worked with toledo steel as well, I found out.





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