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Fs: Miyaguchi Yasuhiro / Toshihiro Tanto


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Sword Information:

Type: Tanto

Sugata: Hira Zukuri

Mei: Miyaguchi Ikkansai Toshihiro Kin Saku

Date/Era: A lucky day in May, 1929

School/Den: Kasama Ikkansai Shigetsugu Mon

Tradition: Soden-Bizen

Authentication/Papers: NBTHK Hozon

Sword Details:

Nagasa: 19.7 cm

Mihaba: 2.0 cm

Kasane: 0.38 cm

Nakago Jiri: Ubu, Kurijiri

Yasurime: Kiri

Mune: Mitsu Mune

Jihada: Itame

Hamon: Nie Deki Suguha, w/ Ko Choji Ashi

Boshi: Komaru, w/ Short Turnback

Smith Information:


- Toko-Taikan: 1.8 Million Yen

- Gendai Tosho Ninki Banzuke: East Block, Yokozuna (Highest rating)

- 6th Shinsaku Nihonto Denrankai: Special Honor Seat (Highest Rating)

- Tosho Banzuke:  Sai Jo Saku (Highest Rating)

Smith Details:

Toshihiro (寿広), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Tōkyō – „Miyaguchi Ikkansai Toshihiro“ (宮口一貫斎寿広), „Toshihiro saku“ (寿広作),

„Miyauchi Toshihiro“ (宮口寿広), civilian name „Miyaguchi Shigeru“ (宮口繁), he was born in April 1897 as son of Yonezawa Kanjirō

Masatoshi (米沢勘治郎正寿) in Tōkyō, he and his father were both adopted into the Miyaguchi family, after the death of his father he

continued his studied under Kasama Shigetsugu (笠間繁継), he used the gō „Ikkansai“ (一貫斎) from August 1916 onwards, in 1934 he

entered the Yasukuni forge, special-order blades were signed by him with the name „Toshihiro“, the larger numbers of blades he made for

the Yasukuni forge were signed with his Yasukuni-name „Yasuhiro“ (靖広), blades made with western steel and some made by his students

were signed by him with the pseudonym „Kunimori“ (国護), in December 1936 he entered the Ōkura forge (大倉鍛錬所) and died on

March 21st 1956 at the age of 59, his posthumous Buddhist name is „Kantoku´in Han´a Shinshō“ (貫徳院繁阿真照), records say that he

made about 500 blades for the Yasukuni forge


From Markus Sesko's, "Index of Japanese Swordsmiths"




Photo Credit: www.seiyudo.com











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