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Some new pictures of the Yamato sword.


I think I was finally able to capture the running masame this sword showcases. Look at the two pictures below from right to left and you can follow the forge lines in the hamon on up through the body of the sword:




Some hamon activity photos. The sungashi is excellent, and plenty to see activity wise:




Finally a showcase of excellent nie work. This picture gets me excited, it's spectacular IMO:




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This is a sword I recently acquired from Jean, and is my favorite acquisition in a very long time. NBTHK attribution to Naoe Shizu, with an old attribution (on a "daimyo" torokusho) to Shizu. Jitetsu looks more Shizu (in my opinion, and Benson had the same observation) and while the hamon looks very Naoe Shizu. Lovely and strikingly healthy sword, with mitsumune. Enjoy the photos :)











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I appreciate what you have been sharing, Ray; as a fair beginner in shooting swords, I wonder if using a filter of fabric between your lights and the sword, would that eliminate the "hot spots" in your photos?

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Had the swords out today (Spring is finally here!) for cleaning and oiling. I fitted the Yamato Hosho/Tegai to it's Tensho koshirae (not sure why I had not done that as yet). It's well fitting and looks very dangerous when this sword is in full mounts, was a fun couple of hours. Also took a few more hada pics because, well I can't resist heavy nie and masame but you all knew that......







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Mounting old Koshirae is always an exercise of caution especially if the fit is tight. Who knows what hides in those old sayas as well, haunting nightmares of Uchiko gunk balls...


These are nice photos, I really enjoy the austerity of the Koshirae contrasting with the opulence of the gold foil habaki. 

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Nice pictures Ray.


Photographing Nihonto is so challenging.. the angle of light, color temperature, exposure, etc., it's adds another dimension to collecting Nihonto as a hobby.


Here's one that I got out of about 50 throwaway shots...




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Look up back button focus. That separates focus from other settings.

Interesting—thanks, Barry!

I’ve been trying your technique of focusing on a card, and then manually locking focus at that depth. Found a Bluetooth remote shutter for $10. The articles I’m finding on back-button focus seem geared towards DSLR cameras, though—is there a photo app you’re using that creates that function for iPhones?


Thinking of firing up the old carbide caving lamp, it puts out some nice warm light...






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