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5 Sword Auctions Left -- 3 End Tonight

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3 Japanese Sword auctions end tonight in St. Croix Blades' eBay Store.  Unlike a few sellers who have chosen to manipulate their auctions on eBay with schill bidding, etc., I won't take that course and run my auctions straightforward. 


That means when I screw up and pay too much for a sword, I accept the financial pain of my loss.  I learn from my mistakes the old-fashioned way. 


Since my business relies on fair profit for sustainability, instead of manipulate, manipulate, manipulate.  I market, market, market my auctions. 


Consider patronizing one of the straightforward, reputable sword sellers.  I would very much appreciate it!



Place your bid now--not ordinary swords!

Here's why they are different:

Sword 1: Army NCO sword, not just your regular matching NCO sword...
--Handle affixed to Blade just like the Copper Handle NCO sword! Marked for drilling--but missed at the Arsenal, then carried in the War!
--perfect condition WW2 leather tassel attached!
--perfect condition WW2 sword hanger attached!
--98% handle paint!


Sword 2: WW2 Army Sword 
--Blue-Brown Company Grade Tassel!
--IMPORTANT Paulownia Flower Samurai Mon!!


Sword 3: Named Antique Samurai O-Tanto
--Fine Shakudo fittings!
--Smith named this Sword! 'Raikou', which means 'Lightning'. Every collector pays attention to named swords!





Thank you NMB members!




--Matthew Brice






















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