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Tsuba Box - Last Sale

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I've just finished tiding up my tsuba collection and have some tsuba boxes for sale


Tsuba box sale 2.pdf






The 'free' box does not include the purple insert and pin as I've just found the box where these should be


I extra box - No 8 = £15 + PayPal fees and shipping



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I've updated the box listing and shows each box rather than a PDF file to make it easier


What I did with the previous tsuba box sale was to request the PayPal payment when the boxes were posted so the buyer paid the actual shipping costs. As a shipping guide::
Signed and tracked = £11
No tracking around £7
It may be up to 7 days after a purchase that I can get to the post office  to arrange the delivery
Nos 1 to 6 = £15 + PayPal fees and shipping














No 7 = £25 + PayPal fees and shipping
The cost more than the others as the box has age and would be ideal for a mokko tsukashi tsuba
Kanji = Mokko - Sukashi - Tsuba
The kanji for tsuba is pre WW2



No 8 = Is free for the 1st person to buy 2 or more boxes. One box with lid and detached pin.
The lid is very tight on this box










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I replied just before I went to bed which is not a good thing to do

I wanted to take the micky out of myself so this should have been something like


So how fox's do you want?


But what I meant to type was 'So how many fox's do you want?'

A comical mistake from box to fox that wasn't very funny

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I am surprised these have not sold

I didn't think the price was too high and normally these go quite quickly or am I missing something?

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Tsuba boxes sold are Nos 1, 2 & 4 + the freebee

That was a long wait as I felt they are good prices


These are still for sale

Boxes 3, 5 & 8 = £15 each + Shipping which is approximately £15

Box No 6 has a price reduction to £18+ Shipping which is approximately £15


No 3



No 5



No 6



No 8 - This is an addition to the original sale. I was going to keep it but changed my mind






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Hello everybody,


The name is Danny, I am located in Hanover (Germany) and have been closely follwing the NMB for a couple of years by now, reading and learning constantly.


I just had the pleasure of purchasing the remaining tsuba boxes from Grev and have to point out that


a. he was true gentleman to deal with and

b. he could not have been more considerate, something I am honestly grateful for.


Best regards



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