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Nanbokucho Ko-Uda Katana Tokubetsu-Hozon


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I'm offering to sale this Ko-uda Katana.

O-suriage mumei, Nanbokucho period (1333-1392).


Nagasa: 63,4 cm

Motohaba: 3 cm

Sakihaba: 2,2 cm

Motokasane: 6 mm

Sakikasane: 4,5 mm

Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune, Chu-Kissaki


Sori: 0,8 cm


Itame hada mixed with masame, ji-nie, chikei and shirake utsuri.

Suguha hamon in ko-nie-deki, sunagashi and kinsuji.


Boshi ko-maru, with kaen, kaeri fukai.

Nakago o suriage, 3 mekugi ana.


Double habaki with solid gold.

Shirasaya with sayagaki of Michiro Tanobe Sensei saying "[The blade] is ō-suriage mumei and dates to the Nanbokuchō period. It is interpreted in a deki that sticks to the forging traditions of the home province of this school, Yamato" (translation made by Markus Sesko).

NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon.


Price : SOLD


Feel free to PM me for any question or more photos.







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