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Looking For Wooden Kabuto Stands

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Dear all,


I am looking for two wooden kabuto stands in good or new condition at a fair price. I will need some like those on the pictures provided. I saw some on Ebay but the price is quite high. If you can help, I will appreciate a lot.



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Hi Gilles,


I have 2 similar to the unfinished one in the first picture.

The more decorative ones like these are not so cheap these days...


Anyway, please PM me!


Kelly Schmidt

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Hello Gilles,


I have one like the one at the left picture. I ship it from Germany. If you are interested please let me know.





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FYI - Combined Kabuto and Mengu Display Museum Stand.

I've just commissioned a new metal stand by the same factory that made my excellent menpo stands. It has a dome to support the ukebare, or if missing a bar attachment for the koshimaki.

Everything is adjustable, the best part is any mask can be supported and positioned in all directions. This stand is currently in production and should be ready for retail very shortly and flat packs for easy and cheaper shipping. I don't have the final landed cost yet, but should be cheaper than any Japanese wooden one on ebay.



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