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Help Authenticating Some Swords

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Hi, I'm new to the Nihonto world but have been getting more into it and wanted to buy a Nihonto of my own. There's a guy near where I live selling some Katanas and Wakazashis and I was wondering if you guys could help me tell if they are real or fake. Some of the pictures look promising but others don't. He did say that the first two are 16th century and that one of them (I'm assuming the one with the leather wrapped handle) was a vet modification. The first two look alright to me but the rest look fake. Any help is appreciated, thank you for your time. If the pictures aren't good enough then I can ask him for some more.














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Chinese fake swords;


And, what horrid condition !!


Please; get help and education on what could be a great adventure in education and knowledge.


Be patient, listen, learn, and get advice before you spend money.


The best investment you could find is to go to the San Francisco sword show in August; to see real Japanese swords, talk to people who care and would gladly help you.

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I agree with Brian and you have already got good instincts.  The first two are the only likely candidates but they are in poor condition and will not repay restoration costs.  The leather wrap is genuine, not a vet modification though something strange has happened to the kashira, like it's been replaced with an odd fitting.  The sword with the blue wrap has been redone badly and all in all you have two pretty low quality swords.  


I don't think I'd be parting with any cash for these, even if they are really cheap all you will end up with is a sword that no one wants to see or own.  


I still have the one like these that I fell for.  Pre internet a friend went to see it at auction and said it was in amazing condition for it's age.  Well,...........let's just say it's a good way to learn about flaws and draw a veil over the thing.


Don't give up, a trip to the show will blow your mind as will a trawl through the link that John suggested.


All the best.

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Thanks, I told the guy I'll pass on his swords so I can't get any more pictures for you all, sorry about that. Thanks everyone for all the good advice though!



To be fair to you Taylor, your instinct to post here was a very sensible move.

Also you asked before purchase, so two points to your credit.

Now go for a full house and look at what is real, and buy from trusted source your first blade.

Because thats the one you will always remember.

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No, not all fakes.

The 3rd Pic...one with the double habaki I think...real. Not great quality, but seems signed Kane xxx

Let's see more pics of that one.

I agree, the one signed Kane(Sada) appears to be quite real. More pics of this one as Brian mentioned would help. Dave
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