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Nôshû-Jû Kanetoshi (濃州住兼俊) Star And Seki Stamp On The Blade


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I have seen on the web page Moses Becerra a blade from Nôshû-jû Kanetoshi (濃州住兼俊) which have both stamps - a star stamp and the Seki stamp. One on the ura and the other one the omote site. I have never seen it before. Is it rare or common or... :dunno:

As I know, Seki stamp means more or less "non-traditional" made in Seki and star stamp means traditional made.

Now I am quite confused. Any thoughts would be very interesting.


Here the web page:



kind regards








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The Seki stamp, to me, is the most confusing one of them all. The Seki group of smiths started out as a "guild", to use the english word and were using this stamp. I have not read HOW they were using it (gendaito/showato/etc?). But once the military arsenals hyjacked it as an instpector stamp, things got messy. They guys above, seem to have the system down, and it fits what we are seeing on some blades, like the one in your link.


I have a Star-stamped Kunitoshi with a small Seki on the nakago mune. The one in your link is peculiar, as the Seki is on the "date" side of the nakago. Maybe small Seki stamps anywhere BUT on the "name" side is a guild mark? where a large Seki on the "name" side is a military inspector mark indicating non-traditionally made? Seems to fit.








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