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Got This From Auction And Please Help To Indentify Thank You!


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Greetings from Canada!


Got this from Auction and please help to indentify.


I have been bored during last weekend auction, everything over priced. But this sword looks old and seems nobody really interested.


I was thinking never back home with empty handed so here is it.


What is it? Seem very old and condition is bad.


Thank you for the info!









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Kaka (interesting name in Spanish!),


There is a "Seki" stamp above the mekugi hole, so it's made during WWII. If there is not date kanji on the other side, the exact year is a guess, but yes, probably 1940 or later.


The Seki stamp appears to be the larger size. A small one means the blade is made in a non-traditional way, but the larger ones can be found on traditionally made blades. No guarantee, though, on that issue. Either way, you've got a nice WWII Japaese officer sword there!


Woo.. thank you, by searching his name it should be a low lever military sword made in 1940" right?

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please sign all posts at least with a first name plus an initial, as is the rule here.

You wrote:....What is it? Seems very old and condition is bad.... 

In fact, the blade is not old (400 years or more would be considered old), and in this field age is much less important than quality. As you can see the HAMON, the condition is not too bad, so please keep it that way without trying anything to 'improve' the appearance! If it proves to be handmade, it may have some value. Keep it very slightly oiled with thin mineral oil and try to gather information from our specialists here.

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