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J Reid

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Type 3 mounts.


Some small stamps on omote, ura, and mune.. bought it as an oil quenched blade with low expectations without checking out nakago first. Owner had never taken it apart. He really didn't. Screw untouched. Mekugi pristine. Had blood under habaki, on seppa seeping onto nakago. Expected a crappy mei or low quality nakago with bad finish.. but was surprised to find decent mei, yasurime etc.. polish is war time and hard to make out anything but looks to be a possible gendaito.


Anyone able to translate and provide page from john slough?






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Joe you're spot on! Just found an identical Mei.. pic is from a thread here on the board from years ago and doesn't load anymore but google shows the image. Unfortunately I can't view it past the main page.. but here's a screen shot and for reference. Thanks a lot guys!!! If anyone has the page from F&G or slough on Sato Kanezumi, I'd be grateful. :)


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Just saw this post.

I looked up Ohmura sensei's old list that gives dates and it says he is Sato Yukiya? who was registered as a Seki smith on 27 December 1940 .

F&G yellow thick book says on p.139 that he is Kanesumi/zumi, real name Sato Yukiya of Kamo village b.1890, and was a Seki smith.

Hope this helps,

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Just wanted to add to this topic for future inquires in kanesumi/zumi. I'm adding the oshigata from sloughs. I also wanted to mention that any previous discussions regarding this smith noted that no known gendaito examples have been seen. Unfortunately mine is not in great polish so it is seemingless to post pics, however I can make out a tight nioguchi in suguha. Itame hada. Sword has 3 tiny "na" stamps on nakago. Mei is niji-mei and a better than usual cut. Average kesho yasurime. Nakago fits the bill of a gendaito forged at the arsenal under RJT before star stamps were implemented. Date of march 1943 coincides with this theory. Kanesumi made low-medium grade gendaito- and that's exactly what this is. An average gendaito, imho. Deserves a window polish. Will update if I have that done.


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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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