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Kaga Yoshiro Wonderful Restoration By Mr. Hallam


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During Christmas vacation rummaging through my junk box I sumbled in this tsuba that was laying there since 2015. 
It has been completely stripped of any patina by a well meaning "restorer":
I was in doubt between two attributions, late Edo Heianjo zogan (mainly due to the silver inlays) or a Kaga Yoshiro with a generic attribution to Edo period.
Whatever the attribution it was clear that it did not deserve to be in those conditions. It was not a low quality piece, the inlay looked good and well executed, also there were but a few bits missing inlay on both hira and mimi.
Thus I got in touch with Mr. Ford Hallam and here is the result.
He seamlessly replaced the missing silver inaly on the ura side and re-patinated it.
Replacement of missing/damaged steps inlay:
Beginning of patination process:
and the final result (the pictures are taken with the same light settings of the first pictures):
I have to say that I am extremely pleased by the result of both, the replacement of the inaly and the new patina colors.
According to Ford:


I would call this an early Edo Kaga/Yoshiro type guard. I say early due to the actual technique used in the inlay, and despite the damage the iron has suffered it's still good quality material.


So it seems to be an early Edo Kaga Yoshiro.
Yours considerations and impressions on piece  and on the restoration results are, as always, welcome.
Best Regards
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Bravo. Since it was clearly not collectible as is, there is no doubt that a professional restoration benefited this one.
Looks great. I assume the silver will patinate over time a little, but it really does have a whole new life. Congrats

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