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The Dawn Of The Edo Period - The Gathering 2


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Well, this 5th May we are gearing up for the second instalment of the Gathering.

We have attendees from Europe, north and south America, and ever Australia descending upon the Samurai Art museum in Berlin. We hope to see others book into this amazing symposium that covers samurai arms & armour. We have some excellent speakers all of which are members of this forum. Anthony De Vos will be talking about the Bamen School as the museum has some superb examples. Ian Bottomley will talk about Kaga armours in detail and dispell some myths. Jan Pettersson will talk about Teppo with some fresh material and Ian Chapman will talk about fine quality Tosugu.

Katchu lovers, don't miss this...




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Just  back  from the  museum. After  several  hours  of  watching  only the finest  quality armour  and  swords +  kodogu I can  say : Wow,  unbelivable. In now  over  30 years  of studies in this field  I never saw such  a collection  before. The  owner  Mr Jansen is also a real great  gentlemen of  old  style; kind ,modest and generous. I was allowed to handle so many wonderfull  blades in hand in a  private  session  wich lastet  several hours. I can  only  say if someone wants  to study realy  high class items, this ist the  place to go to.

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