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Hi all,

I am a beginner in the Oklahoma city area. I would appreciate having someone in  my area to discuss Nihonto with. I feel like I can only do so much with books and Internet reading. What sparked this is that I discovered yesterday a black dot in the Hamon of my first piece and I got worried because I don't recall seeing it. (Maybe I just hadn't noted it before). I will try and make a photo and post it here. But it would be nice to show it to someone in person and get their input.

Thank you



PS - I hope to effort to create a Nihonto show/meeting in the Dallas/Fort Worth area succeeds. It was mentioned previously here on NMB last year. There are collectors in the Austin and Houston areas who I think would gladly go to this show. I will definitely go if it happens.

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Back in the day (1970's) seemed to be numerous active Nihonto collectors in the DFW/Ft. Worth area as well as Houston and Austin. I haven't noticed posts from them on NMB. It could be oversight on my part. I am not an especially frequent flyer on NMB. 

Appreciate your reply Sprinkler. 


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OK. So. No Nihonto/Tosogu collectors in the Oklahoma City area. 



hi Tom

yes I know of one with years of experience and still active.

I don't know if he is active here but is often on F/B .

His name is Sam Young .


So a face book search should find him , he breeds dogs as well 

and has a very large collection.


Chris NZ

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