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An A for effort, but no cigar! The rabbit is a RAT on a daikon (radish), he's the attendant of the Japanese god of wealth (Daikoku)..... that's your 'Man in the Moon'!

lol yep close but no cigar. Man you're full of info!


I thought it was just an emaciated rabbit but you're right. Its a rat :laughing:


Here's your "healthy" rabbits! Or rocks with rabbit faces. I dont know anymore!


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Love the netsuke examples! Maybe one day.......


A set of rabbit themed tsuba sold recently and I mean they were knock out amazing. Toshiharu matched daisho set, Tokubetsu Hozon papers, and perfect. I think the buyer is on this board, and so I am posting pics I saved unless he objects:





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Ok I am not sure if this is a rabbit or not. Just so happens last night I was going through some miscellaneous items when I came across this menuki. After reading up on mythology of the badger i found 1 where basically the badger is smacked and killed by a transforming rabbit with an oar from a boat built by the badger. I was debating was it a Fox or rabbit but the longer ears made me lean to the rascally rabbit.post-23-0-38689500-1554509323_thumb.jpg. Picture isn't the greatest but how much effort can one put in to a non -mantis item? All the best .

Ken aka "the Mantis dude"

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