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Mike Y On Pawn Stars

Gordon Sanders

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Very strange as I watched Pawn Stars the same day as the post because it said there was a Samurai sword on the show

I expected it to be the one mentioned in the post

It wasn't as I was watching a programme made in 2014 also with Mike Y

The sword was nice and they arranged to have it restored and the final result was shown on the same show - bonus

I'm in the UK (hence watching an old recording) so no idea if anyone can get it on catchup

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Mike Yamasaki is extremely well known and likely familiar to most of the regular users of this forum (not only in the US, where he operates). But anyway - good enthusiasm for tracking down his website.

What most of the the forum users should (and have probably done) is check the links in the links section which Brian has painstakingly compiled and also the various highly useful documents uploaded. It strikes me that so many people overlook both of these helpful sections.


Keep learning

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Thanks for sharing, Gordon.

Good show by Mike Y.


I watch it sometimes in Germany. Its fun, but I was always surprised about the prices asked and paid for various items.


I guess this is part of the show put up for the public as were the 13.000,-USD estimate for these three things.


With this kind of input it is only natural that some people think they have a fortune sitting in their umbrella stands. :)




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