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Katana For Auction - Fuyuhiro Saku W/ Shaomi Tsuba

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It's more likely that a Japanese family brought it with them during the first recorded Japanese immigration to Canada in 1877. I have never found any ww2 mounted swords in Canada. There is the odd time that I've found a traditionally mounted blade though. Coincidence?!

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Sword just arrived in good condition.  I think Ray was correct on both accounts.  First, the signature is definitely Fuyuhiro saku.  Second, I think the tang is likely ubu.  The kasane tapers greatly so that at the end it is very narrow, yet the depth of the horimono is fairly uniform as it tapers.  If it were osuriage, I would expect the tang to be a uniform thickness to the end or for the horimono to disappear as it narrows.  I can’t tell exactly, but probably the hamon does end near the machi.  As to the mei, there are over 60 Fuyuhiro listed in Hawley’s, so I’m not sure we can tell if it is good or not.  In other words, an ubu, late koto or early shinto Fuyuhiro sword is a viable option.  I cleaned up the tsuba and it looks fabulous - really a nice piece.  The rest of the mounts are nice too and I have no buyer’s remorse.  The guy said the sword was 28.5”, but it’s disappointing that it is more like 27.3”.  I will submit at the Chicago show and let you know how it goes.   Cheers, bob

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