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Nice Gimei For Sale At Relatively Low Price For Iai Or Practie :)

Salvatori Moretto

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If this is not a place for this please just take it down :)


For sale is a custom Japanese style Gimei katana in kesho polish with 32 inch nagasa .
Main computer is down from Irma, it fried my mother board, along with other incurred expenses, forcing me to put up a few projects a bit early to cover some expenses.
I've got one of komonjo's blades, a rather large one with over a 32 inch nagasa that I did all the mounting for. The handle is 11.5, I Balanced it well with one of Fred Lohmans largest dragon tsuba, and complemented it with some nice Dragon fuchi and kashira from fred as well. Menuki are also a nicer grade in dragon and ken theme, and the tsuka is finished in a nice wine coloured Japanese silk ito. I custom made some coin edged copper seppa, and made a new saya in a basic black ishime finish.
The samegawa is a VERY rare and hard to find star style samegawa with large nodes all over that resemble stars! This was also applied in a full wrap to make this blade better suited for cutting.
This blade has some LIGHT hazing of rust near the end of the monouchi which I wasnt able to capture in any photos yet, but at this price I wanted to mention. I'll attempt to get photos of that soon as well.
Many of these pictures were just taken really quick while at work so excuse the poor quality and angles, i also have more pictures of the blade I'll upload in just a little bit.
Price is $2000 USD Shipped CONUS OBO, also able to accept half in cash and the rest in trades. Also willing and able to ship worldwide at extra cost.
Extremely motivated to get this out!
I can change the colour of the saya for just an extra $100 on request to any other basic finish.
Also having a hard time getting/sending messages, so if I don't respond on here you can reach me on my cell, 954-589-7228











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Hey folks, this really needs to go ASAP, today is preferred!


Price lowered to $1600 Shipped CONUS! 


I'm eating cost at this price folks it literally can't go any lower lol

Partial trades still considered with at least $1000 down, what you trade is your choice, could be swords or other weapons, old or new/production, and koshirae ;)




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Yupp he's right! Price lowered to $1075 shipped! it just needs the tsuba tightened a tad and some light work to the saya to make it "finished". Saya is serviceable now and is exactly as shown in pictures, I was just experimenting with a new ishimi material for the finish and didnt give it my full attention :)

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