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Musket Ball Pouring Ladle Pic?


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Indeed, I posted an image of a set of gunner's tools that included a ladle. It is still there in the NMB archives. under the tag line

"Matagi gunner's tools" of something like that.I have seen a couple of these ladles but that have all been iron.

Skeptical re: bronze.  .   .

Please shwo us an image


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PS Rereading your question it was the ladle you were asking about, not so much the mold. Apologies. I guess the twist in Jan's example above would also help to dissipate creeping heat in the handle.


A couple here, again both iron:

Piers, I have seen some recently made reproductions without a handle or ones that are riveted together but have you seen any authentic, antique ones without a handle other than ones with the wood handle that has come off over time or where they have been riveted together rather than being one solid piece of metal?


The sharp edges and complete lack of signs of use make me doubt the age of this all metal one, the rivets look new, not worn at all.





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Awesome replies, thank you gents!


What I got ain't what u got I see that now.




I found one example on the net in horrible condition, just says medieval miniature bronze ladle.

I'm thinking mine must be for medicine or something else now , after seeing your pics.

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It says there was trade with China and many merchant and foundries making metal and various objects as well as artists, but I don't gather where it says this is a Chinese ladle, correct me if I'm wrong. Sure it's possible , but if it was here in the middle ages, that's close enough for me.

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I guess I should have posted both sides. Judging by the overall condition plus the fact that this ladle was given as a present from one of the leading authorities of this field in Japan, I'm very comfortable to date this as a Bakumatsu-period piece.



Jan, your new image does show that it has been used. I am always a bit skeptical about blindly trusting "leading authorities", they do get things wrong and since they are seen as authorities people often hesitate to question them. I could give several examples of such glaring errors. With so few actual known examples of these ladles in the first place it is not surprising that this riveted type with no wooden grip has not been seen before (at least by me), always good to see something different come up.  This is also a good example of why I tell people if at all possible to get good, clear, detailed images from all sides of any item they intend to purchase. a51d9d1fe750e597d9efdccae8b7bb9e.jpg

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Hmmm... the example in that link is a Chinese bronze ladle, an example of goods once traded between Hakata/Fukuoka and the continent.


As with many rare things, Eric, yes, we need to keep our eyes peeled for more recent reproductions slipping in.

Piers, for research purposes, if you ever run across another example like Jan's ladle in anyones collection, exhibit etc it would be nice to have it mentioned.

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