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Someone Tells Me They Have A Masamune


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A not so knowledgable friend is telling me that someone he knows has a Masamune. Of course, I'm highly skeptical but thought i would put this out here for discussion, or at least confirmation.


It's been a while since I posted something here. I know longer live in Japan and my Nihonto are kept with family back there. I really miss them but this board is an excellent salve for that.


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Well, if he believes that it is genuine, he probably ought to get it polished and get the signature authenticated. According to Markus Sesko, there are only four signed Masamune blades that are definitely attributable to Gorō Nyūdō Masamune, so if he has a fifth, that would really be something. I'm sure he has a good reason for not bothering to get an expert opinion of the signature.


That said, I suppose he could beieve that it is a genuine example by one of these smiths:


MASAMUNE (正宗), Eishō (永正, 1504-1521), Sagami – “Sōshū-jū Yamanouchi-jū Masamune” (相州住山内住 正宗), “Sōshū-jū Gorō Nyūdō Masamune” (相州住五郎入道正宗), “Masamune” (正宗), nickname Yamanouchi-Masamune (山内正宗)
MASAMUNE (正宗), Kan´ō (観応, 1350-1352), Musashi – “Bushū-jū Masamune” (武州住正宗), “Masamune” (正宗), according to tradition the student of the Kenmu-era (建武, 1334-1338) Tameyoshi (為吉)
MASAMUNE (正宗), Daiei (大永, 1521-1528), Musashi – “Bushū-jū Masamune” (武州住正宗), “Shitahara-jū Masamune” (下原住正宗), “Masamune” (正宗), Shitahara school, mostly a hiro-suguha
MASAMUNE (正宗), Keichō (慶長, 1596-1615), Musashi – “Tosa no Kami Fujiwara Masamune” (土佐守藤原正宗), Shitahara school, probably the same smith as “Hitachi no Kami Fujiwara Masamune,” chūjō-saku
MASAMUNE (正宗), Keichō (慶長, 1596-1615), Musashi – “Hitachi no Kami Fujiwara Masamune” (常陸守藤原正宗), Shitahara school, probably the same smith as Tosa no Kami Fujiwara Masamune
MASAMUNE (正宗), 1st gen., Enbun (延文, 1356-1361), Bingo – “Bishū-jū Masamune saku” (備州住正宗作), Ko-Mihara school, according to tradition the son of the 2nd gen. Masaie (正家), standing-out itame-nagare, suguha with ashi, yō and sunagashi
MASAMUNE (正宗), 2nd gen., Eitoku (永徳, 1381-1384), Bingo – “Masamune” (正宗), Mihara school, it is said that he signed first with Masasada (正貞)
MASAMUNE (正宗), 3rd gen., Bunmei (文明, 1469-1487), Bingo – “Masamune” (正宗), “Bingo no Kuni Masamune saku” (備後国正宗作), Kai-Mihara group, he was noticeably later active than the 2nd gen. but he is nevertheless listed as 3rd gen. Bingo-Masamune, mostly a suguha-hotsure and a long kaeri, also a ko-midare or gunome, chūjō-saku
MASAMUNE (正宗), Eitoku (永徳, 1381-1384), Yamashiro → SHIGEMITSU (重光), Eitoku (永徳, 1381-1384), Yamashiro
MASAMUNE (正宗), Ōei (応永, 1394-1428), Yamashiro – “Masamune” (正宗), he lived in Rakutō (洛東), i.e. in the eastern Kyōto
MASAMUNE (正宗), Eikyō (永享, 1429-1441), Ōshū – “Gassan-jū Masamune” (月山住正宗), Gassan school
MASAMUNE (正宗), Tenbun (天文, 1532-1555), Yamato – “Fujiwara-jū Masamune” (藤原住正宗), Kanabō school (金房)
MASAMUNE (正宗), Tenshō (天正, 1573-1592), Yamato – “Washū Nanto-jū Fujiwara Masamune” (和州南都住 藤原正宗), Kanabō school, gunome-midare, suguha mixed with ko-ashi, wazamono
MASAMUNE (正宗), active period unknown (kotō), Echizen – “Masamune” (正宗)

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Tell him when it has been authenticated and papered by the NBTHK to Masamune, he will be taken much more seriously.  Until then it is merely another sword with Masamune inscribed in it.  It is worth as much as it would be with no signature at this point.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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