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Mihara Wakizashi


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NBTHK judged Hozon Mihara (Chu-Mihara, rougly ~1400) Wakizashi. Some slight kizu, one neat kirikomi (blocking mark, where the blade blocked a strike from another blade).




Blades described as "Mihara" by the NBTHK are also sometimes called "Chu-Mihara" and were made around the Oei period (roughly 1400 AD).



With a good polish and resubmission this may paper to Ko-Mihara.




Mihara was a school in the Bingo province which for much of history was owned by the famed Mori clan, known to be masterful sailors and who due to the location of Bingo were in regular conflict.




Comes with shirasaya and sword bag, NBTHK Hozon (new papers, not the defunct old ones) papers, and translation of NBTHK by Markus Sesko.



Asking sold pending funds via PayPal. Includes shipping and insurance in the CONUS.




Total length 72.0cm



Cutting edge 52.0cm,



Moto Kasane 0.65cm



,Moto Haba 2.6cm,



Saki Haba 1.7cm,




SORI 1.4






Hamon: Sugu






JI-Gane: Itame Masa






Polish: Older Japanese traditional




Boshi(Kissaki): Komaru






If you have any questions please ask! I aim to be as transparent as possible in the sale of this wonderful antique blade. Only selling because the new baby cost a lot more than I expected.






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I give up, i broke into my piggy bank today for auction to purchase tanto and wakizashi , and this appears lol. :( . it is nice and hope you get a quick sale Rob, :bang:




Thank you cliff. I priced it so great because I got a great price on it. This is a fine blade I just had more bills for our new baby than I expected lol. Been some years since the last I just forgot how dang much hospitals were here.

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