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Tosogu Preservation

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Hi peoples! I've a question.

So, it's been rather humid recently so I'm taking extra care of the swords, but I also have a fuchi kashira made from shibuichi that I recently acquired.


Do these need a small bit of oil too every now and then? I'm concerned the humidity will oxidise them and damage them.

I'm aware that touching them bare handed can oxidise them.

Bit of a noob regarding Tosogu!

Thanks in advance. :)

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Don't oil tosogu, any of it, not even iron.


The recent humidity is unlikely to effect shibuichi so as long as you keep them clean, a gentle wipe with clean tissue, they'll be fine.


And you are quite correct, non-ferrous patinated metal tosogu really shouldn't be handled with bare hands. Shibuichi in particular is easily stained but even shakudo, one of the more robust soft metal patina, can end up looking blotchy from handling.

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I second exactly what Ford said.

Outside of handling certain iron tsuba- don't touch when you don't need to do so.

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