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Masatoshi Naginata For Sale


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Hate to sell my naginata but I don't have the funds to get it papered and refit like it deserves. Here are some photos and the link above is a discussion about it. Polished by Bob Benson some years ago and a beautiful piece. I am not sure what kind of price to put on here, I know its worth quite a bit. 



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So I got it reappraised and am asking 7,000. It is an unusual naginata. Here is what Bob wrote me.



       Now I remember that the sword was unusual because it had a katakiriba shape which I had never seen on a naginata before. It was signed with the MASA in the SEI rather than SHO kanji. It was one of 5 koto makers but now I don't remember which smith I had determined it to be.  I could take it on consignment but you might do better to take it to the Aug SF show and sell it there. what such a piece would bring I am not sure but if it were mine I would ask $8k and see what happens. You need to determine how much money is involved and then go from there. How fast do you want to move it out? I guess all these will help with price and selling it.
Bob Benson
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Firstly, very nice blade.

Secondly, photobucket is annoying as hell!


And finally - don't stress getting divorced is the best thing that can happen to your sword collection in the long run.

Just think there are people out there who are having to ask permission before buying a sword !   :laughing:




P,S. Its not right for everybody...... but the other way of doing it is instead of selling maybe you should be buying!

Turn the money you do have into a nihonto investment she knows nothing about which you squirrel away rather than losing half the money in the settlement. :laughing:  :laughing:

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