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Kanewaka Kaga


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Gents,  Chris B helped out with a kanji tag that came with this tanto.   Kanewaka  Kaga piece.   

Original post here.http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/22567-tanto-with-hi/


   So,  looking it over and consulting the various tomes the characteristics may place it as a shodai Kanewaka nihonto forged late in his life.  Mainly I say this due to the tight itame/masame, he worked futasuji bi and bobi according to sources while the later generations did not.


   I suppose this blade originally was a wakizashi, but I don't recall ever seeing a wakizashi u no kubi zukuri.  Was this common in a wak or just tanto?


   Now the thing I really liked about this particular school is what was posted on Aoi art about a Kanewaka back in the day was worth a high class samurai daughter as bride.


  A few days ago I got a job offer in Japan for a 2 year stint, May or may not go but,  I wonder if a nice Kanewaka is worth 2 or 3 high class women 400 years later.  Nihonto always go up in value right?


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