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Okimono Lobster Critique


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Hey fellas,

      Did a search on NMB and read a bit on Okimono in general i.e. quality, fakes.   What do you seasoned vets think of this Myochin?   I can go look at it if I want to make a bit of a drive.   He's asking $600


Best regards,







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seems like pretty thin pressed type metal. I think we have all seen the wonderful ones that have been produced that are super detailed etc. This one is on the lower end of the spectrum and likely priced at high retail in my opinion. My opinion is worth about.02 though. 

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Hi Bob,


Late to the game here, but that lobster jizai is quite common and as James mentioned not of high quality. The price is in the range of what they usually go for. True Edo iron ones would require adding two more zeros.



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I was into these "affordable" Jizai Okimono Ise Ebi for a while.

The one you show is the smaller /smallest of the "Common"  "Hiroshi" ones around.

It is the next size up, that every one sees and most likely talking about.


Those smaller size ones are harder to find.

The Medium Hiroshi ones are the most abundant.


The late Muniyuki Myochin ( 51st) had a bigger , not as detailed as the little ones.

I was fortunate to get it "Like New" with Tomobako (Wooden Box).

and, there are the Iron ones, about 7 inches..

 None of these are the " Museum Quality" ones that are Highly prized by the Real Jizai Okimono Collectors. 


They are the " Novelties for the Novice "  - Alton Takata :)




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Sorry, I forgot to add my "Opinion" about Bob's question..

I am not sure how "Big" your hands are.  ;-) , but, it looks like the small one , and, 

if it is the small  " Ise Ebi "  (Japanese for "Spiny Lobster " ),$ 600 is an OK price, being in the condition you show.


Most of the ones I've seen, were made pretty good.

It is the attention to details, like the stamping of the spines and other "Shell" features that has the little differences that show the "quality" of these

"entry level"  Isi Ebi  " Okimonos".

so, they are still good representatives of Ise Ebi Jizai Okimonos.

Don't let the "Real Deal" Jizai Okimonos and, people telling you it otherwise, and discourage your collecting.

Most of the guys would never buy them, as, they would buy  Nihonto before that.


The Medium size ones (as I heard there is a bigger one too ) , depending on "condition", was going around the 400 dollar range.


I once was fortunate, to find 4 , new medium size ones, that some one bought from an Old Japanese Gift Shop.

They looked "Brand New" .. :glee:


Sold them around 350.00,, funny, at that time, no one wanted to pay 350.. Sheees.. :rotfl:


These are not really "Fakes", as, they are the "common" copper ones that are popular.

The only "Fake" is that, they are "Gimei". :laughing:

in, you don't know if the Mei is genuine..


Thanks for you comps Brian and Stephen





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Gimei Ise Ebi - (say that ten times , fast :laughing:  )


Hello Guys,

Just passing info.


There was a "Myôchin" Lobster reproduction I saw, this week,  and, it still sold for 500+.

It was not like the abundant brown, reddish Copper ones.

It looked like the real Muniyuki  "Myôchin"  (51st) Ise Ebi ( Spiny Lobster).


There was no Tomobako (Japanese Paulownia wood  Signed Box).  :(


Below is a photo of the two Plastron (Brest Plate) Mei for comparison..




Have a safe weekend

Thanks Stephen & Greg  :)


Alton < The Dagashi Samurai



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