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Signed Kanemichi Antique Wakizashi With Interesting Sayagaki - Uk Seller

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I am a novice collector and cant tell you much more than what the images show. I have a trip across the Amercias planned for June, and need to raise some funds if possible.


I picked up this Wakizashi a little while ago. It came in some very well fitting but not original WW2 gunto type mounts, i expect fitted to the blade as the Shirasaya has some script which i am told is a WW2 Patriotic phrase and signed by the soldier that carried it during the period. I was told the original translation i got was not correct, but hopefully from the pictures supplied you can read it better than I can.


Sword is now housed in its Shirasaya but i will include the ww2 mounts in the package. I am based in the UK, but will post to all of Europe, and the USA.


Blade length: 428mm

Motohaba 27.5mm

Motokasane 6mm

Sakihaba 21.5mm

Sakikisane 4mm


Blade is signed but has no papers. The blade is in good condition, shows a healthy hamon. No fatal flaws, only some small scratches, openings, and one tiny edge nick right by where the blade meets the habaki.


£1100 includes all paypal and postage fee's


PM me here, or email donadam@blueyonder.co.uk















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Two questions, don Adam. First, do you know what the sayagaki says, & is the very tip somewhat chipped or flattened? Could be an optical illusion.


Muchas gracias,



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Hi Ken. I cant see any chips or damage to the Kissaki from my eyes.


I got a partial translation but i was told it may not be correct. I was told it states something along the lines of:


The shirasaya has a fascinating (for me!) wartime inscription which i have so far had tentatively had translated as:


  修理固成の神勅?? 皇運扶翼之血誓 小松恒太郎


  Japanese oracle to repair the national land injured by the war and strengthen the foundation.

   the blood oath of supporting imperial court  the sword owner KOMATSU KOTARO


  天壌??尊皇攘夷 大いなる悲願に生きて天地と極みなき代を拝みまつる  


 heaven and earth ?? Imperialism and exclusionism    

 I (KOTARO) do at the risk of my life for great earnest desire and bend the knee to Empire of Japan uniting with Japanese gods of heaven


I am a complete beginner with nihonto and cannot give much info about the sword maker. However i was sent a picture of another wakizashi by the same smith, that did have NBTHK papers, and the signature was a very good match. 


Hope that helps. I will try and get some more pictures of the blade.

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