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Need Some Help Figuring Out Koshirae...


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Hello all,


I'm soon to embark on a mounting effort for a wakizashi in my care. I believe it to be a Kii Ishido school wakizashi made by Mutsuno Kami Tameyasu.


I am going to be looking for tsuba, Fuchi, kashira and menuki (matched) to go with this blade and have koshirae and a habaki made for it.


What I would like to know from the tosogu experts is, what would be appropriate given era and province of this blade? (Wakayama/Osaka in 1661-1673)


I am extremely inexperienced on fittings having spent most of my study on blades. I would love to get some help from the fittings experts to help me feel assured anything I mount with this blade is "correct".





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-Hi Adam,


If you include the 50 years after the blade was made to say 1665-1715

I believe it was a relatively open and artful time. While a Tensho koshirae of the 1500s or a Toppei koshirae of the 1850s-1860s wouldn't be a particularly good match,

you can do most anything Edo-period that you want. You are in kind of a sweet spot where you can go lots of directions.


You are also in Seattle, within shouting distance of Brian Tschernaga and Bob Haynes among others. You don't really lack for people that can show you [please respect the value of their time, but they tend to be generous with it] rather than type at you. Want to trade places for a bit? Even here in Paradise it is less than great come late summer. I'd much rather be there this August and September.

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