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For Sale: Ko Mihara - Tokubetsu Hozon


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Hello, I've had this sword for a good while and it has been a very good study piece; but currently making a larger purchase and wouldn't mind freeing up some cash!


Ko Mihara in shirasaya, originally purchased from Nihontoart.com. The sword originally came with a very nice koshirae, but sadly I had to let it go a few years back to help me pay for college. I'll update with specific measurements tomorrow as it is getting late but I believe the Nagasa was around 66-67 cm. Blade is O-suriage in suguha; a silver and gold foiled habaki in shirasaya. It does have a little bit of oil staining in the ji close to the yokote but it isn't very noticeable and hard to capture in pictures - at least for me it hasn't impeded my enjoyment of the blade.  Asking Price is $5000


Feel free to ask me any questions or request more pictures, however looking for mostly cash since I'm in between a purchase as well but feel free to make me an offer. Below I'll attach some of Nick's original pictures that I saved and some recent ones as well. Thanks!

















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Yes, the third great Ko-Mihara to come up in recent weeks. This is an excellent buy. Good luck with your sale Grant!


The Mihara school's having a bit of a moment here on the NMB lately! Great sword, TH at that price is a steal. Good luck with your sale!

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The sad part of this is the fact that an old sword with it's koshira were separated and sold; as well as accepted as an honerable business transaction.


My collecting focus for the last 20+ years has been to purchase the total package; as one who would walk out the door to go to war.


We seem to strip the heritge for the history in the name of what ??????

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I understand how you feel Gary, I had the blade for a good 3 years after the koshirae was separated and attempted to purchase it back at a later date but alas it was sold again. In any case though, the Ko Mihara is on hold pending payment! Thanks everyone!

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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