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Opinions About The Wakizashi

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Recently I had a chance to buy (i think quite cheap) a wakizashi. I was travelling at the time so couldn't really have chance to have a look other than internet photos but it was very tempting as i won the auction at only €200.


Blade is unsigned. it has minor scratches and chips and lightly visible Sugaha hamon.


I would need to change the tsuka ito to it and perhaps if i find a person who knows what to do in then maybe a blade polish.

Fuchi and kashira are signed Yasuchika 安親.


What do you guys think? Whats your opinion on this Wakizashi?






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I'm not going to guess, but for 200$ that is a nice find! Not sure on value of the blade, but as a package, nice deal.


Edit: the fuchi seems nice enough, that and the koshirae probably makes it worth it - depending on what you were looking for.

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Make sure not to touch the blade with bare hands, and wipe off those fingerprints right away as they will cause rusting. Blade looks like it has been cleaned with sandpaper, obscuring the jihada. For the price, I think you got a good deal.

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Thanks SAS!

I know the jihada is gone pretty much i could see some "polish" attempt on the blade. Would be nice to get it to nice shape but i dont know if there are any sword polishers in Poland.

Actually i believe i read somewhere that there actually is one somewhere in that area, can't really recall it entirely. Maybe someone else will chip in.


However, not so sure if the blade is worth the cost of restoration.

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The tang causes some doubt, I think that it has been cleaned making aging difficult; but more than that it has exposed relatively crude looking file marks.


But i'm going to stick my neck out and suggest have a genuine wakizashi approx 250 -300 year olds.


Fittings mostly of same period I suspect.

If that s the case then 200 euros is a result!


It might be worth paying for a polish if there is enough meat on the blade to take it.

Would look good in polish and with that tsuka rebound I reckon.

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congratulations not only on finding a real bargain buy but then having the confidence to have it polished and the koshirae refurbished. I think it was well worth the effort.

Unfortunately the previous "cleaning" of the nakago makes it difficult to try and date. I can see why you might think it was Hizen but I would also look at some earlier work. The nie in the hamon and other activity you can see might take you somewhere else.

Well done it is a good looking sword that you have saved. you should feel pretty good about the result

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Thanks guys! It really feels good! There is still some work to be done as i need to get seppa done as the is quite a big gap , i will post the photos when the project is completed. I also have another project on the way , but would have to get habaki and seppa done so it might take a little longer to post the results. 

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Finally my new rewrapped tsuka met its blade. It been long but was worth it :) only seppa left to make it nice and tight and this project will finally be done. If you look at the first post the blade has come a long way and a bit of gamble deciding to polish it but something was telling ne that it will turn out to be a quite nice ko wakizashi. I really enjoy the process of bringing this one alive. Thanks to all involved!post-3670-0-79366100-1499503897_thumb.jpgpost-3670-0-48536100-1499503915_thumb.jpgpost-3670-0-05681600-1499503937_thumb.jpgpost-3670-0-87215600-1499503954_thumb.jpg

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