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Noshu Seki Ju Kojima Katsumasa Saku

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I saw this blade from a well know seller, but the reached price is surprising me because I can´t see any special.

Maybe I overlooked something

Of course I saw that the bidding from "j***8s.gif" was interesting even he was not the winner.... :dunno:




kind Regards




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And I thought a hot stamp tends to signify hand made. On that note note, I know that current consensus is that stamps other than star indicate non traditional making (exceptions happening but rarely), but I wonder what has given past persons the idea that these were only acceptance stamps (but didn't infer anything more than acceptable work ready to further process)??? Was it the rare ones with all the makings of nihonto and still stamped, alone? Was there other indications that lead researchers (if they can be called that) to conceive this (what is now an ill-notion)?


Honesty while not a popular notion, I wonder if the definition of art v Weapons have driven this, in Japan. When did the attitude of pride in ones gunto shift to shame? Was it a decision made out of the necessity of preserving culture/traditions? After WW2 educated folks must've seen the value keeping to old Japanese tradions and the costs of fully embracing western methods (colonialism and cut rate mass manufacturing). I wonder if it is just a call made to preserve the value of older blades and maintain the tradition of trying to replicate koto work? I guess to know what was going on exactly in the many various factories and subcontractors we would need some sort of materials and processing details lists, but this information wasn't made public, and this was the reality of the business/art since forever: this was secret info.

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